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With over 50 marketplaces, connecting over 10,000 businesses, and with buyers across 11 countries, Marketplacer is an established leader in building online marketplaces that continues to grow every year. We are currently looking for a backend developer to join our 30-member product team and help us connect the world through commerce.

What you’ll be doing

  • We believe that we succeed as a team, so you will often collaborate with other team members while working on new features or fixing bugs, including getting input from designers or project managers and pairing with other developers. We are not shy about asking for or offering help when needed. All your code changes will get reviewed by at least one developer, and our trusty, loyal SlackBot will occasionally call on you to review others’ code changes.
  • We are a rapidly growing company, constantly partnering with new businesses, which will require you to be flexible in the projects that you work on. Bugs, features, refactoring, frontend, backend, devops, projects with or without deadlines are all possible, so you’ll need to be willing to help out where needed, even if it’s unfamiliar to you.
  • We believe that we work best when we have the freedom to achieve business objectives in our own way. Managers will set priorities for the team, but it will be mostly up to you on how best to organise your tasks and time.

Why working with us is great

  • We value learning, so we invest in our team to help them grow in their knowledge and skills. We have monthly hack days on which everyone can work on a project, take an online course, or contribute to open-source. We order lunch for the whole team, and at the end of the day, we present what we worked on or learned. We also have fortnightly Knowledge Showers where a team member shares their knowledge of a particular topic or system within our codebase.
  • We are all part of the tech community, both as individuals and as a company, so we’ll pay for you to go to conferences or similar events anywhere in Australia. In the past, we’ve attended RailsCamp, Ruby Conf, JS/CSS Conf, DevOpsDays, and others.
  • We enjoy exploring new ideas and technologies, and we value input from all members of the team. Many of the changes to the tools we use or how we work come from retros or self-organising working groups, so if you know of a tool or methodology that you think will help us be better, you’ll have the opportunity to make the rest of us as enthusiastic about it as you are.
  • Uncaught bugs hurt product quality and manual QA processes hurt productivity, so we have a fully-automated CI/CD pipeline that runs our comprehensive test suite and deploys to various environments with a click of the shippit button. This allows us to deploy code to production multiple times a day, confident that our changes will work as intended.
  • Because we all have lives outside of the office, we maintain flexible working arrangements. Do you have a dentist appointment? Got the sniffles? Is your child starring in the school play? In that case, you can work remotely for the day, connecting with the rest of the team via Slack or Google Meet. Right now we’re all at home every day and it’s working out well!
  • We provide various creature comforts to help you work at your best:
    • Large, well-furnished office, with plenty of natural light, conveniently located in South Melbourne, just a few minutes from the 109 tram stop. (currently closed)
    • The laptop of your choice (MacBook, Dell XPS, etc.) and any software you may need.
    • Moccamaster coffee maker, supplied with the finest ground coffee from local roasters (we’re also close to a few cafes if that’s what you prefer).
    • Twice-weekly fruit delivery: not a single member of our team has had scurvy in the history of Marketplacer.
    • A Nintendo Switch that facilitates regular Mario Kart competitions.
    • A table-tennis table (in its own room, closed off from the rest of the office) on which we occasionally hold tournaments.

What we’re looking for

  • Open, friendly people who are good at collaborating with others on solving problems, who aren’t afraid to ask for help and are enthusiastic about helping others.
  • People who are passionate about new tech and ideas, who are excited about learning and experimenting.
  • People who can lead a piece of work from start to finish while taking guidance and input from the rest of the team.
  • People who are willing to work on projects outside their comfort zone, contributing to the team by working on parts of the stack or sections of the codebase that maybe they’re not as familiar with.
  • People with strong backend coding skills and familiarity with automated testing.
  • People who can help other members of the team grow in their skills.

Our tech stack

  • Principally Ruby on Rails backend, with some services written in Python or Node.
  • React frontend written in ES6 with SASS for the styling, gradually transitioning to TypeScript with styled components.
  • GraphQL for our newer, client-facing and internal APIs.
  • AWS for cloud services and storage.
  • Docker for local dev environment and running CI/CD.
  • MySQL, Redis, and Memcached for storage.
  • ElasticSearch for site search functionality.
  • The entire ELK stack and DataDog for site monitoring.
  • Terraform and Chef/LittleChef for managing our servers.

At Marketplacer, we know the value of working with people with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences, and we believe in promoting a diverse and inclusive team that is great to work with for all sorts of people. So, we strongly encourage anyone from underrepresented groups in tech to apply for this position.

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